Jiction aka Lee Books - Cover Design

Cover Design Services


If all you need is cover design, we're here to help. You will need to provide a summary of your fiction story along with ideas on how you want the cover to look. We will go by your suggestions and then create your cover. The price for this will vary, depending on the price of any purchased photos used, and the level of difficulty needed on merging different photos and/or designs. Quote given will be based on how much time I'm expected to spend @ $30 an hour plus any additional purchased photos. So if I think it will take two hours and require one $10 photo, the quote will be $70. If I think it will take 5 hours and two $10 photos, the quote will be $170. If the design is simple and doesn't need any photo (or one of the photos I already have with minimal manipulation/editing), the quote would be $30.

For more information, please join the forum, where you will also be submitting your summary and suggestions. 50% deposit will be needed up front and the rest will be when the job is finished. Once I have received final payment, jpg file will be emailed to you.

Cost of photos will change depending on which site I buy them from and will be factored into total cost.