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Proofreading Services


If all you need is proofreading, we're here to help. We will read through your story, looking for run-on sentences, typos, grammar and structural issues. You will be provided a highlighted file along with a list of suggestions on how to fix what is highlighted. Depending on the size of your story (by word count), the price will vary depending on how long it is and how many issues there are to notate. You will need to submit a 10% sample so that it can be evaluated. Going by that sample, a price quote will be provided with the assumption that the rest of your story needs the same level of help (i.e. don't send a sample that has already been edited in hopes of getting a better deal). Quote given will be based on the amount of expected time @ $30 an hour. So if it should only be half an hour, the quote will be $15. If it should take 5 hours, the quote will be $150. You will be notified if editing will take longer than expected. Yes, the rate per hour is the same as for editing, but reading takes a lot less time than editing does, so all proofreading jobs will be cheaper than editing jobs. You will also be given an editing quote, just for reference (and price comparison).

For more information, please join the forum, where you will also be submitting your sample as well as the full story. 50% deposit will be needed up front on all jobs valued at least $100 and the rest will be when the job is finished (any job of less than $100 will need to be 100% paid upfront before any work will be done). Once I have received final payment, highlighted file with suggestions will be emailed to you.