Jiction aka Lee Books - Online Publishing

Accepting Submissions for Online Publication!


We are currently accepting fiction submissions to publish on our online platform. The full service publishing doesn't cost anything upfront, but you will need to agree to a one year exclusive publishing contract and our 40% commission of the net proceeds of every book that is sold during that year. After the first year, you are free to take your ebook elsewhere or stay with Lee Books. Our commission will drop to 30% after the initial year.

Here is what you need to submit to be considered for publication:

Your name (penname)
Age (you need to be at least 18)
Genre of your story
Word count (must be at least 10,000 and not more than 100,000)
Summary of your story
Provide an excerpt of approximately 10% of the length of your story (ie if your full story is 20,000 words, submit about 2,000 words for an excerpt)

For more information on the submission process, you will need to join the forum at Jude's Place, where you will also submit your manuscript for consideration. A special is currently running for a $150 sign on bonus for the first writer to be accepted as a Lee Books author (visit the forum to learn more).